Monday, 14 September 2015

Parking survey

It has been more than 5 years since the last survey of attitudes towards parking on our street, including whether or not residents want a CPZ.

Because this is an issue residents keep returning to, we have created a short (2-3 minute) survey to see what residents think. It is an informal survey, but we hope to use it to inform if and how to engage with Lambeth Council on the issue of parking.

The survey is aimed at residents of Rosebery/Thornbury rds, but can also accommodate the views of residents of Thorncliffe, Kingswood and Wingford rds.

We welcome all views on parking. The important thing is that any resident that wants to give their opinion can do so.

The link is available on the private residents' association Google Groups forum. If you are a resident you can apply to join, which will allow you to see the community conversations.

The survey itself will remain open until the end of September. We will also be circulating a paper flyer to residents with details of both the Google Group and the survey.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Save the date: the Street Party is on the 5th July

A quick note to save the date. The annual street party is on the first Sunday in July, the 5th July.

If you want to contribute or participate in the planning usual organiser Clem is the person to contact. He is a member of the Google Group for Rosebery and Thornbury Rds so can be reached via there if you don't have his details. Clem will be holding a meeting on the street party towards the end of May.

More details to follow.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Minutes for the TRA meeting from 26th November

The meeting minutes are now available on our Google Groups.

Councillors Martin Tiedemann and Adrian Garden kindly joined us, and offered some useful insight into how best approach some of the issues residents raise.

In due course, we hope to circulate and sign off a constitution for the association, formalise the group and its structure, and get recognition from Lambeth Council so that we are automatically notified on major issues like planning that affect our streets.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A record of street images to assess the potential impact of a CPZ

So we're currently asking residents of Rosebery and Thornbury Rds to take pics of their street and surrounding streets to fill out a gallery of images that show what the streets look like during different times of the day and night, and at different times of the week.

The results have so far been quite consistent: the pictures below show two aspects of Lyham Road. On the right, the last point at which the Controlled Parking Zone is in force. On the left, 20 yards away, where there is no Controlled Parking Zone. The two photos were taken within one minute of one another.

We have created two albums, which are freely accessible:

 - Images from on and around Rosebery and Thornbury Roads, including Lyham Rd, Wingford Rd - where there is no CPZ.

 - Images from other roads on Brixton Hill and the neighbouring area where a CPZ is operational.

We welcome submissions that help us fill out a more complete record of what things look like through the day and on different days of the week.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Date for the diary: 7.30 on the 26th November

An inaugural meeting of the Rosebery and Thornbury Roads Tenants’ & Residents’ Association (TRA) was held on Monday 10th November 2014 at Lambeth Town Hall. We now have some willing victims to run it and are inviting residents of Rosebery and Thornbury roads to join us.

The TRA is there to provide you with a forum to share and discuss issues that affect you and others on the street, to lobby Brixton Hill councillors and Lambeth Council on your behalf, and to provide a mechanism to support shared initiatives.

Please come and join us.

This is an opportunity for you to share your ideas and raise issues and concerns about your homes, streets and the local area.  Some issues and ideas already raised include:
  • Cycling - parking and safety
  • Recycling - getting food recycling bins for all residents
  • Environment - including litter and flytipping
  • Parking - consultation on a CPZ, motorcycle parking
  • Planning and (over)development in the area
  • Schools and catchment areas
  • Neighbourhood watch, crime and safety
  • Noise pollution
  • Recommendations and trusted tradesmen
  • Collaboration and sharing
  • Street parties, socials and events

The next meeting will be at 7.30 on the 26th November at the Community Centre on Headlam Road.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Streets on Brixton Hill with a CPZ

One of the recurring themes in discussions about a CPZ is whether it would/not make a difference to the number of spaces on the street.

Please feel free to send in your photos, with time+date+location, so we can add them to the gallery. They will form part of any discussion we have on the impact of and need for a CPZ.

Lyham Rd, Monday morning

 Strathleven Rd, Monday morning

Glenelg Rd, Monday morning

Friday, 14 November 2014

Provisional date for the first full meeting of the Tenants' and Residents' Association

Clapham Park Metropolitan have kindly offered us the use of their community meeting hall on Headlam Rd. Unless there are major objections, we will aim to have the first full meeting of the TRA there at 7.30pm on the 26th November.

Agenda suggestions are welcome, as are any major objections to the date.

It would be great to get as many people to the meeting as possible.